Pulang Laso (AIDS-HIV)

Dec 1, 2012

Adan (27) and Kevin (21) are both bisexuals who just met thru a casual sex. Soon they found themselves falling in love with one another and eventually, they entered in a relationship. Their affair was filled with happiness though they had to keep it a secret because their families did not know their real sexual identities. Everything seemed to be perfect until Kevin’s parents learned their relationship and Kevin’s real identity. Kevin was rejected by his parents and was forced to leave their house. Adan supported him financially until Kevin found a job as a fitness instructor. Without Adan’s knowledge, Kevin engaged in casual sex among his clients to earn more money to support his needs. Time passed until they knew that Kevin was infected with HIV and his case was already in AIDS condition. Adan was blamed by Kevin’s parents because according to them, it was him who became a bad influence to their son; without them knowing that it was actually because of Kevin why Adan also got infected with HIV. Still, Adan attended to Kevin’s needs when the latter was already dying. Later on, Kevin confessed to Adan that he acquired the virus because of engaging in casual hook ups with his clients. Though hurting and wanting to blalme Kevin for acquiring HIV, it was their love for each other that mattered after all. Finally, because of the love for Kevin that Adan had showed, only then Kevin’s parents realized how Adan truly loved Kevin and how he sacrificed a lot for him. In the end, Kevin eventually died which brought so much pain to Adan. But still, he realized that it was just Kevin’s body that perished but their great love for one another will forever live in his heart.



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