Polo Shirt (Gay and Lesbian)

Apr 14, 2012

Bonsai grew up with overflowing love and affection from his family. But when he found out he was gay and realized that his family could not accept him, Bonsai learned to keep his sexuality a secret. At his father’s funeral, because of his anger towards their relatives, Bonsai told everyone that he’s gay. As soon as he admitted he’s gay, Bonsai felt the discrimation from his family.   Hurt,   Bonsai   went   to   Manila   to   heal   his   wounds   and   find   his happiness by being a stand-up comedian. But Bonsai’s happiness was cut short when he saw his youngest sister, Lencie, a lesbian. Bonsai could not believe what he saw and made sure that he will make Lencie a girl again, to protect her from the discrimination of their family. But what Bonsai thought was right became the reason why his relationship with Lencie was broken. It was not until Lencie told Bonsai that she was disappointed with Bonsai’s lack of   support   with   Lencie’s   sexuality   made   Bonsai   realized   that   instead   of protecting her sister, he also discriminated Lencie. With that, Bonsai learned to accept Lencie’s sexuality and made a way for their relatives to accept them for who they are.


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