Kuliglig (Father Manny)

Aug 14, 2010

Young Manny dreams of becoming a priest but when his parents died in the hands of merciless rebels, anger fills his heart. From a priest, he is now longing to become a military in order to take revenge from his parents’ murderers. He grew up full of rage and everything he does is in preparation for his planned revenge. Because of this, his relationship with his siblings was ruined because they are not in favor of Manny’s plan. When he graduated high school, he felt he was already prepared to kill his parents’ murderers. He looked for the rebels and was disappointed upon discovering that they were already dead until he met a man who is a son of a rebel who may be one of his parents’ murderers. His first motive is to kill the son but soon realized the value of forgiveness. By forgiving, he found genuine peace and happiness. He reunited with his siblings, pursued his dream of serving the Lord and is now called FATHER MANNY PASTRANA.


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