Feb 4, 2012

Joie (16) wrote to her future boyfriend and husband even before she could meet him. Then she met Nono, whom Joie saw as a funny, caring kuya and they became best of friends. Everything was going well, until Joei and Nono found themselves falling for one another. Afraid to ruin their friendship, Joie and Nono tried hard to hide their feelings but eventually, they gave up. Nono took a step of faith and tried courting Joie, even if it meant being denied once.   As   they enter   into   a relationship, they   both   discovered   their flaws which made everything difficult. But their love was strong that they decided not let their differences get in the way of their relationship which led them to being   engage.   But   their   happiness   was   cut   short   when   Joie   and   Nono’s parents did not support their decision. Once again, Joie and Nono had doubts about   their   plans   that   they   wanted   to   end   the   engagement.   But   Nono stepped out and proved his love for Joie, making Joie faced her fear and believed with everything Nono had promised. A month before their wedding, Joie was dumbfounded when Nono gave his journal to her. It turned out that Nono   had   been   writing   to   his   future   partner   as   well.   Joie   and   Nono   got married, and on the night of their wedding, to Nono’s amazement, Joie gave her husband the journal she had been writing to.


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Apr 4, 2009

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