Doll House (No Permanent Address)

Aug 16, 2008

Marie came from a broken family. Her parents separated when her mother found out that her father had an affair with another woman. She, her mother Lucing and her elder brother, Marko moved out from their house and started living in rented houses. Despite the situation, she was living a comfortable life – she was enrolled in an exclusive school and had what she needed, not knowing that her mother was having a hard time at work already. They started moving to different places - from a fully furnished house, to more cramped studio-type apartments, dealing with annoying landladies and landlords, fraternity riots in the neighborhood, drug addicts, and were even threatened to be thrown out of the house many times.


Her mother tried to shoulder the financial weight for the house rentals and their tuition. Soon, Marko moved out to live with their grandmother since he couldn’t afford to live with them anymore. Marie was about to give up her studies when her mother pawned the only property they had – their house and lot in the province. Eventually, she was able to finish her studies. Amidst her family’s struggle with finding home, Marie realized the greatest lesson life gave her - that a house is not a home if they would not stick together as a family.



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