Daughter in Chains

Jul 23, 2016

Bernard, separated from his wife Melda, gives up one-year-old Pauleen, his daughter from an affair, to his distant relative Loling because of his lack of financial capability. Months after, he goes back to Melda, asks forgiveness, and the latter accepts it. He misses Pauleen, but decides to go on with his life as a husband to Melda and as a father to his children with her. A decade and a half later, Loling returns Pauleen to Bernard’s care because the teenage girl has become an alcoholic, and is rumored to be using illegal drugs. Loling says Pauleen started acting out when she found out that she was adopted. Bernard is happy with Loling’s decision, but would be shocked and saddened for what would be in store for him. Pauleen resumes her old habits and would sometimes not go home for weeks. Slowly, Pauleen would start to show signs of mental illness. She also starts stealing goods from stores, and other things from the neighbors which leads to the outrage of the townspeople. Bernard tries to talk to her, but Pauleen doesn’t stop. He also tries to seek help from the DSWD, and even asks the police to lock her up, but they couldn’t help him. One day, Pauleen goes home with her foot burned. Bernard becomes worried, and decides to chain her into a crib until help for her comes. Bernard thinks he is left with no other choice. Pauleen does not resist, and Bernard amuses her by playing cards with her, and even giving her a cigarette to smoke. Months after, Bernard’s friend asks help from ABS-CBN current affairs program Mission Possible. The program brings Pauleen to a rehabilitation center. Now, Bernard focuses on taking care of his other children. He couldn’t risk them destroying their lives just like what happened to Pauleen who he gave away many years ago. Bernard is waiting for Pauleen’s recovery, and says he would do his best to make up for his shortcomings as a father when she comes back.



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