Bintana (First & Last Love)

Oct 3, 2015

Prima and Teddy grow up together in the late 40s, being neighbours in Tanay, Rizal. Teddy is a jokester and enjoys being the centre of attention. Prima in the other hand is a smart, tough girl, Teddy does not easily impress. However they grow up good friends. Their friendship slowly turns into romance, as they grow up. However, Teddy decides to join the US Navy, because of circumstances at home. When Teddy returns, he asks Prima to marry him, however she turns him down, to finish her studies. This pushes Teddy to marry in the states, to an American woman. This hurts Prima, who wanted him to wait for her. They live their own lives apart. Prima marrying twice, and also ending up in the states. Teddy on the other hand becomes a dedicated family man. However, both Teddy and Prima are unable to forget each other over the years but do not completely reconnect. They both become widowed, and Teddy pursues a romance with Prima once more. They finally reunite after almost 50 years of separation. Teddy and Prima marry each other at the respective ages of 74 and 72.



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