A Mother's Purpose

Mar 4, 2017

Marie (13) grows up to a father who sells drugs to make a living. Her mother Linda (40s) tolerates her husband’s business because it is their only source of living. Everything changes however when Marie's father leaves them for another woman. Linda out of her bitterness, takes her anger out on Marie, who had always favored her father. Unable to take much more of her mother's beating, Marie (17) decides to live with a man who she thought will give her a better life. But this does not end well, as her partner frequently beats her. Linda regretful of her actions takes Marie back together with her child. Marie's partner continues to harass her and even rapes her, in one of Marie's attempts to meet with him and end things. Driven to a corner Marie takes drastic measures, and offers herself as a baby maker to a neighbor. She bears his child but things become complicated by her feelings for the father. She gives up the child, but through the guidance of Linda, she comes to ask for her child back. Marie and Linda continue to lean on each other, with the realization that a mother must stay as a child's strength as much as her child is the source of hers.


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